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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Obstacle to Peace

Cheney, who some would label as such, today called Iran an obstacle to peace in the Middle East, supporting the rhetoric the president used earlier this week about WWIII.

If you apply all these measures it becomes immediately clear that the government of Iran falls far short and is a growing obstacle to peace in the Middle East

"The language on Iran is quite significant," said Dennis Ross, a peace mediator under former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. "That's very strong words and it does have implications," referring to Cheney's warnings of serious consequences for Iran.

A clear message indeed

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Allison said...

Josh, let me say that I truly love reading your blog, it is very insightful and well written, I even have it bookmarked here at work. Anyways, I would have sent you this in a Facebook message but my work blocked facebook.. There is this unbelievable (quite the understatement as you'll see) website that you have to check out- Concerned Women for America. I'm sure you could really do a number on some of the insane stuff they have to say there. Love the blog! (thinking of starting one myself, actually.)