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Friday, October 26, 2007

News Roundup for 10/21-10/26 Part 1

World keeps on spinning

Governor Huckabee keeps an eye on babykillers, but can't condemn them all.

Holocaust of abortion aside, the Christian right is dissatisfied with the Republican candidates on sale at the Values Voters summit last weekend

Seventy percent of the American Public apparently highly boo-able

No end in sight as the military-industrial-Bush administration complex unveils more ambitious overstretching and overspending of your tax dollars

Freedom of the Press "threatens national security"

Naomi Klein should apologize
for her polarizing analysis of American corporatocracy and its genesis - as if that sort of thing could really happen! It could never be profitable, how could we afford it?

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I did it.. I finally have a blog of my own. Seeing as you are the only other person I know who blogs, if you have any free time, please do enjoy mine-