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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along (with Blackwater)?

At least that's what corporate democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton seems to be thinking.

All joking and campaign bashing aside, it's really important for voters to know exactly who they think they're electing, and who will actually be running the country under his/her administration's guise.
(think Rove's Bush/Cheney '00 and what America has since turned into thanks to corporate sponsorship and nepotism)

Just because "Clinton" is followed by "D-NY" doesn't automatically mean her policies will be democratic and uphold the Constitution and the foundations that made this country great. With Hillary receiving the most campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical industries, how much change and reform do you really expect to see in your healthcare, and how much should you expect to end up right back in campaign donors' pockets?

The reality is that campaigners are beholden to their donors, especially big corporate donors, whether openly or behind closed doors like the Clinton-Penn-Blackwater relationship.
With a Hillary White House, how likely is it really that we'd never have any more drunken murderers of vice presidential guards getting right back in the game after only a two month time out and no penalty?

This is not a Bush/Cheney/Rove administration issue. So don't fool yourself into thinking a white woman's democrat administration will operate any differently. It may look like a new starting lineup, but the play-callers are all still the same.

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