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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Netroots Nation

Saturday morning, Al Gore addressed the Netroots Nation at an Austin, TX, progressive bloggers convention.

Gore repeated the message he gave Thursday calling for true energy independence within 10 years and promoted the WE campaign,

Unfortunately, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to ride his popularity and insultingly portrayed herself as holding the executive branch accountable, as well as being a climate hero.

She should take a page from a real Congressional leader in climate change, Senator Bernie Sanders
'Last year I wrote of Sen. Sanders' green collar jobs amendment which passed but currently awaits funding. Now his 10 Million Solar Roofs legislation – whose cosponsors include Republican Senators Arlen Specter and John Warner – offers yet another transformative alternative to oil dependence as usual. The bill would provide homeowners, businesses, non-profits and state and local governments with rebates covering up to half of the cost of photovoltaic systems which average $20,000. In order to qualify for the federal rebates, stringent energy efficiency standards would need to be met. Some experts say that if 10 percent of the existing rooftops in the US were equipped with properly installed systems, they could supply 70 percent of peak energy demands during summer months.'

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