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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Minor Giant Steps"

From the minds of the Flower Kings

Now imagine, can you, can you, if you will. See the sunrise colorize the hills. All the waters running down the mountain streams. Flood of Eden, bring to life this dream. Tiny steps, minor giant steps in the world unite. Tiny steps in the wisdom ramp, minor giant steps in the world unite. On the mountain side, silver thread unwind. Gently linger on, crystal waters chime. Watch the engineer get the details right! Watch him shape the day - out of the darkness comes the light; out of the darkness and the night. Now we understand how we play a part. In the tireless games, all the beauty there is. Our perception of the dream sharing equally, all like players of a team.
'69, we're walking on the moon, sending those waves to see if we're alone. Fifty million choking in the sun, nothing learned from life; still dog eat dog. It's just a transmission, so we don't mind. But what about God and what lies behind? Those patterns are old and make no sense, so keep on exploiting until the end. The masterminds create the new frontiers.
So "Einstein me," please, I wanna see it clear. Bit by bit they took this world apart. There's no more secret left as it hit the market.
I'm just the minor giant soul, trying so hard to understand the things I cannot see arise from inside of me. Coming to terms, to lose control - see how a man becomes a soul! If thinking is wider than the sea, arise from the dream within a dream. It's strange how life's illusions turn. They look so different around the corners. I wasn't prepared for such a journey and now there ain't no turning back.
I'm just a minor giant bird sitting on someone's shoulder and she might undertake this journey while I keep getting older. She once was brighter than the sun. I may have been her soulmate. She couldn't speak while she was dumb, but I couldn't figure out.
It's strange how words can start a war; they call it the Domino Syndrome. A new world is hiding behind the door, a world that's always been there.

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