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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Break the Silence

by Killswitch Engage

As I live and breathe
I am watching, watching a world die.
We greet this with apathy.
No longer!

Consumed by self,
We walk through each day
With no mind for deprivation
and moral decay.

We must destroy and rebuild
For the sake of all.
It starts with one.

If we can't break this silence, how can we survive?
Search inside yourself, know you're alive.
We must break the silence,
Now we are alive.
Silent no longer!

Make this world take notice
That change is in our hands.
The battle has just begun,
We are not defeated

With all that I am,
I will lift my voice
To start this revolution.
It starts today,
And it starts with me!
Silent no longer!

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