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Friday, May 9, 2008

Teacups at Disneyland

via GFA51, via IOZ, via Dennis Perrin, via mildewmaximilian


Mikerobiology said...

Pretty wild stuff. But I must defend her against a Nazi-style smear. Certainly, McClinton has adopted many Republican tactics throughout her campaign; as well as adopting McCain's Gas Tax and "Bomb Iran" platform, but I fail to see any Hilter-esque tactics, yet. She'd have to win the election and then quietly gain lots of executive power (which may already be there for the taking) and then gain enough popularity to get a nation to rally around her agenda (a little harder these days), then turn it against a bunch of "scapegoats."

We'll see what happens if she gets into office, which looks less and less likely by the day. "Teacups at Disneyland"... sick man, totally sick...

DifferentiAtlas said...

I'm not a Clinton fan by any means, but I try to stay away from baseless accusations and smearing - it's not like I'm Hoping obama into the white house by means of slandering his opponent. But i just thought this was hilarious
I don't think its supposed to imply any hitler-like tactics and scapegoating as much as his desperation in the face of inevitable defeat as he waited in his bunker at the end of his life, err..campaign as supreme chancellor.
My favorite part are the women outside the room crying. Poor hitler