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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sick Around the World

Tuesday, April 15 @ 9pm, PBS Frontline examines what we can learn from other nations in world about how to run a healthcare system on Sick Around the World.

The Washington Post's T.R. Reid focuses on UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Tawain.

When officials in Taiwan designed their new comprehensive health care system, they borrowed the best ideas from abroad.

"America is not really a system you can copy, it's a market. So if you let things happen, it will be like the United States"

In Germany, health plan premiums are based on income and everyone has access to medical care—including the unemployed.

"Health Insurance continues with no change if you lose your job. We do know very well that people who become unemployed are at an increased risk of becoming ill. And therefore becoming unemployed is about the worst time to lose health insurance."

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