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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Democrats and War

Matt Gonzales is Ralph Nader's running mate. This week he spoke at UC Berkeley

"It's imperative that we take a playbook out of the successful Christian right's revolution - do you remember that? They would say, if you're a republican, and you don't support them on these issues, you don't get their vote, we don't care that you're a republican. If you're not going to support us on these issues, forget about it.

What I propose is that the progressives put together that litmus test: you vote for the Patriot Act, you can't get my vote ever again; you support the death penalty, can't get my vote ever again; if you support increased military spending, forget it, I'm not interested in how you're 'better' than the other candidate, you can't get my vote."

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WiddydiploMatt said...

Matt Gonzales is being propelled to the forefront of American politics by running with Ralph Nader this election. He's smart and very much together on the issues. He knows how to desconstruct the details of the issues in regards to candidates and their falsities and mirages. He uses hard data to catch people like Obama in the act of being morally lazy. He confirms all of my deductions and suspicions about Obama and others.

If he is charismatic as well, and if he is determined, and if he speaks Spanish as his last name suggests, and if running with Ralph Nader doesn't destroy his political image, then we may be looking at one of the most viable third-party candidates for the future.

Is this one of the progressives' long term strategies? I can't help but wonder...