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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


What the fuck?

Medical liability is already one of the reasons healthcare costs are skyrocketing - as a doctor told me today, "We treat for only two reasons: to make our patients feel better, and to not get sued."

The ruling today will lead to even more gross overtreatment and I can only assume more malpractice cases as the victims of and dumbasses themselves get into motor vehicle accidents and want some one else to blame and get paid for blaming.

Now everyone - all six degrees of separation - are every doctor's responsibility.
This "introduces a new audience to which the physician must attend - everyone who might come in contact with the patient," wrote Justice Robert J. Cordy

And I was starting to think tort reform was going to play a major role in lowering healthcare expenditure in this country. Apparently we're even sicker than I thought.

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