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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catching Up Part 2

The home loan fiasco is finally catching up. Consumers and banks borrow beyond their means guided by the benevolent hand of the market. Who will we turn to now to fix its disaster? Perhaps more unregulated market will work?

But at least the US government is frugal and doesn't spend money it doesn't have on wars it doesn't need, right?

John Edwards hates corporations, or haven't you heard?

A history lesson in why Ron Paul is so crazy.

America has Fabulous Health Care! At least compared to some other countries.
"How long until you’re part of the insured millions of families spending 25% of their income on health care?"

Red rover, red rover, shoot that liberal's bitch over and over!
Blackwater also billed the US government for the profit it made, then was rewarded with more contracts!

Apparently 62% of Americans consider themselves "highly religious"

I don't know of a religion I'd rather belong to:
The church members think the visions that peyote produces provide enlightenment and that the cactus has curative powers. They reverently call it "the medicine."

"When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth”
I know, I'd sue him for saying that too.
At least the military is still an army of God.

Shall I compare thee to a necrophiliac? Let me hate the gays...
Perhaps it would influence his policy in Iraq, where, unlike its neighbor Iran, there are gays.
But hey, it's your "choice"

But are Huckabee and Romney really "Christian" or just bigoted?
I am referring here to the sentiments that lie behind the candidates’ attitudes toward gays, which may have found their most honest and open expression in Huckabee’s recently resurrected 1992 suggestion that AIDS patients should be forcibly isolated. I am thinking too of Christian conservative opposition to progressive taxation, public spending for the needy and government “meddling” in such matters as anti-discrimination policies. And, of course, of the willingness to sacrifice women by genuflecting before a segment of the population that is scared witless by modernity and sugar-coats its fear and hate in the name of the sacred. (As governor, Huckabee, according to veteran Arkansas political journalist Max Brantley, once “stood in the hospital door, at least figuratively, to prevent state funding” for a mentally handicapped teenage girl who’d been raped by her stepfather and needed to have an abortion.)

Liberal Hollywood, how low will you go?

International Scandal: Don Cheadle Planned Darfur Genocide To Create Film Role

Where was sex education when she needed it?
That's right, abstinence-only instead!

And in case you missed it, YOU'RE AN IDIOT

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